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Affiliate of the North American Society of Algerian Psychology


We are a group of like minded individuals supporting and believing in the philosophy, science and art of Alfred Adler, known as Adlerian Psychology or Individual Psychology.  We offer informal gatherings of Adlerians for camaraderie, community, education, networking and socializing. We accept an
d support Adlerian principles of acceptance and respect. We foster the feeling of social interest and community, holism and creative self, social and psychological encouragement, common sense; democratic approaches to families, parenting and interpersonal interactions.
Our members accept and adhere to the above as a code of conduct. 

It is time for you to get involved. We are a Society that creates our own opportunities and shares them with our local, national and international community. Please fill out the form below and print it and send a check for $25 for individuals, $35 for Couples, $20 for Students to the address below. You will be added to our membership list.  

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Send check to Catalina Christophe, ASA Treasurer
                        Camino Real Recovery Center
                        910 South Craycroft Road
                        Tucson, Arizona 85711

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